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Fashion in India is predominantly getting influenced and induced by the film industry, and has seen immense growth from the starting point of necessity to where it is arrived now, the point of desirability.

The fashion schools and institutions could be found abundant in India, and the top rated fashion institutions are NIFT, New Delhi, NID, Ahmadabad, NIFT, Chennai, NIFT, Mumbai, and Pearl Academy, Delhi, etc… The actual success of the fashion industry in India is that it has started to reach to the common people in India too who are in fact remain secluded from the film industry for a longer time, especially once when it started to attract the working class people, the essence of fashion in the country has got well spread across the world.

Fashion in Film Industry

Bollywood sets the ground for fashion exhibitions, every time, and could also be called as the source and destination for fashion. Plenty of fashion designers have been swirled in the Bollywood  industry who in turn deserve a huge credit in spreading fashion across the country. Similar to New York Fashion Week, the Bollywood fashion designers have also started to exhibit their winter, summer, and spring collections in fact for all the seasons attracting a whole lot of film fraternities, celebrities, business people, etc… Usually such events occur in a grand scale, conducting the events and shows in a star hotels like J W Marriott, Taj, Hilton, etc… thus in a way it enhances the economic activity via its shows and has developed to a stage where it is been considered as one of the major contributions to the country’s GDP. With its development, it has also set a trend in vocational education category, and also accomplished promising careers to the students, besides attracting enormous number of them. Some of the renowned fashion designers, leading in the Bollywood industry are Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Anamika Khanna, Rita Kumar, etc… It is from here, get transferred to the ones used in the Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam film industries, more often used in Tamil and Telugu industries, as Malayalam has its own form of portraying characters in its movies.

Fashion in Institutions

Thanks to the growth of fashion technology institutions and industries, because it has taken fashion in the country to the global standards. The fashion schools in India continuously attracting students, not only from all around the country, but also from other countries, like Bangladesh, Nepal, and even from South Africa, etc… NIFT is quite popular among the fashion instutions in the country, and it has several branches, almost in most of the important cities in the country, like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc… The NIFT syllabus is seemed to be dynamic package with set of interesting and trendy curricular activities like craft survey and documentation, industry internships, design collection, and diploma project, and many more exciting features. Majorly the students are assessed based on the continuous evaluation throughout the academic year, which is further implemented via projects, assignments, presentations, etc… apart from providing the four year bachelor degree, and two year master degree programs, it also encourages the students in the research field too.

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